Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This story absolutely breaks my heart. I took pictures of her and her two little sisters almost a year ago and when I heard that she was at Primary Children hospital in Salt Lake because her mom's then boyfriend had beaten her so bad that she wasn't expected to make it, I was heart broken. He had shaken her so bad he had broken her shoulder and severely damaged her brain. How could someone do this to a child? This beautiful little girl will never be the same. At only two years old she has gone through more them most will have to in a life time. I've been keeping in touch with Bella's mom and her progress. She has been such a little fighter! Even though she is now blind she is doing something they never thought she would do again WALKING!!!!! I know that her mom Emily is having a really tough time emotionally and financially she is a young single mother with three little girls, she can't work with all the physical therapy, trips back and forth to Salt Lake to her appointments and she needs our help. I'm going to put on a fundraiser for Bella and her mom on May 21st in Pocatello and we have set up an account in Pocatello at Advantage plus Credit Union under Justice For Aerabella and linked it to her paypal account: Please help me spread the word and help me help this family. THANK YOU

Here is what her mom put on her page:

Aerabella was born October 14, 2008. She was 8lbs 12oz. A very happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl. She has an older sister and a younger sister. She is so happy and full of life. On January 21, 2011, she became a victim of SBS by her mothers then boyfriend. Thankfully right now he is in jail, but still awaiting pretrial (Its on April 5, 2011 at 9:30am with Judge Kress at the Bannock County Courthouse please come in support of Aerabella). When she was brought into the hospital she was rated at a 4 on the glascow coma scale. That means she only responded to one thing and it wasnt voluntary. She was shaken so hard and so bad that every part of her brain was damaged, she had a seizure that lasted over an hour and a half and took 6 doses of ativan to stop. She had a broken right arm and was not at all expected to recover. She was life flighted to the PICU at Primary Childrens Medical Center from 1/21/11 until 1/25/11. She then went to the NTU. She was sent to a long term care facility called South Davis on 2/7/11. She was not expected to make much progress. She started talking on 2/10/11 and each day her vocabulary grew. We went back to PCMC's NTU on 2/23/11. She started walking on her own 3/9/11. She was finally sent home on 3/18/11. Everyday she is getting better and making more progress.

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