Sunday, March 14, 2010

What to wear :)

I always get families and couples asking me what they should wear, or what color's, here is a great guide!

1. For family or couples pics the key is blend but DO NOT match.

2. For family photos, pick a color pallet of 3-5 colors and tell everyone to stick with those colors. It’s amazing how things come together.

3. Dont do all solids OR all patterns but mix and match it up.

4. Patterns do not necessarily have to match. Get creative

5. This is a BIG one. Accessorize!!! Boots. Hats. Jewelry. Etc.

6. Go to your favorite clothing store. Look at their models. The pictures they have on display :) Pay special attention to how they group clothing together. For kids go into the Gap Kids store and look on their walls. Notice the way they layer the clothes. It might not be what you would do on a normal basis but for photos IT WORKS!!!

7. Go a little bit out there. Meaning, if you play it safe on your first clothing choice and you have the option to change wardrobe (which of course you always do with me) get crazy. Wear somthing slightly costume-y. Just be sure to have a clear theme and make sure that I am in on it so I can bring the appropriate props and take you to the appropriate locations to make the outfits work and not look goofy. ie fun tutu for your little girls....cowboy boots and cowgirls boots.........cute vests for your boys........hats LOVE little tutu's with pink cowboy boots together :).......just stuff that are FUN......FRESH......things you won't see everyday :)

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